Welcome to Sensational and Savvy, for fashionistas on a budget. First up let’s talk closet confessions. We all have them to a certain degree. I’m talking about the clothes on the floor, five piled to coat hangers, bags stuffed under the bed, and general chaos. At least that’s what my wardrobe has been like pretty much forever. I looked at all my beautiful clothes and talking fashion with you guys and thought this was the perfect place to start. So I hope you enjoy!!

Organising your wardrobe seems like a daunting task. When you stand back and look at the thousands of clothes hanging there, five to a hanger, thrown across the floor, and down the back of drawers, it seems all too hard.
Trust me, once you start, you will be so pleased you did. There is nothing like getting organised to make you feel in control of your life. It is good for your wardrobe space but even better for your mental health. So, here’s a few tips and strategies to get you started.
1. Take everything out of the wardrobe and sort into categories – what you want to keep, what you want to customize (make a few alterations), and what you want to throw out (give to the op shops, friends, or even sell online to get some cash).
2. With the items you are keeping, sort into seasons. Put away the bulk of your summer outfits if it is cold weather but leave some out like your favorite dress if it is something you might get a chance to wear. Put these off-season clothes into a suitcase or a spare room wardrobe to bring out and replace next season.
3. With the current season clothes now left over, put these into categories. These are the categories I have chosen:
· Jackets and blazers
· Dresses
· Skirts
· Shirts and tops
· Jumpers
· Jeans and pants
· Tshirts
4. Depending on the size of your hanging space, you can hang up all of these items if you have a large wardrobe. If not, I suggest investing in some storage baskets which you can put in the bottom of the wardrobe. I have a small hanging area so use baskets for jumpers, tshirts, jeans. They don’t get creased and are easy to access in their individual baskets. You could also use storage tubs if you prefer.
5. Invest in some good clothes hangers. Do yourself a favor and throw out those horrible wire coat hangers. I find the plastic hangers the best and you can get a pack of 10 for $2 from places like Kmart and Target. They are so worth the investment and won’t get tangled like the hideous wire ones.
6. Hang your remaining clothes in categories. Put the clothes you wear most in the easiest access area. For me, that is coats and shirts as, since iso, I have been wearing mainly jeans etc. Pre covid, it would have been coats and work dresses. The important thing is to design your wardrobe logistics in a manner that suits you and your needs.
7. Once your clothes are hung up in order, your baskets are neatly stacked on the ground, and your off season clothes stored away until the weather changes, stand back and bask in the glory of all the good work you have done for yourself. Now getting dressed will be so much easier and I have no doubt you will feel mentally cleansed as well.

Until next time, stay Sensational and Savvy!!


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