• Do you have a wonderful idea for a book?
  • Are you halfway through writing your story, but have come to a standstill?
  • Have you written a book already?
  • Do you dream of being a published author one day?

Melissa Marie Book Coach and Author will help you write, publish, and sell your book, and take the mystery out of becoming a published author.

As a published author, freelance writer, and editor for 25 years, Melissa Marie loves words and believes that everybody has a story to tell. She has spent her journalistic career telling other people’s stories through feature articles in magazines and newspapers, and now dedicates her time to helping authors finish their own books.

Melissa loves books and she is honored to help people tell their stories, as she believes every person has something we can learn from.

She believes that your story belongs to you, and wants to help you with the editing, proof reading, finding a publisher, all the way to publicity, and the launch event.

Melissa knows how hard it is to navigate through the confusing world of book publishing.

Where to find the best editor, publisher and marketing is a maze that a book coach can help you through.

As a professional writer, and self-published author, Melissa has done all the hard work and now wants to hand her valuable insights onto you, taking your book from an idea to an actual copy in a reader’s bookshelf.

Writing, editing, and publishing a book can be an overwhelming prospect.

Melissa Marie Book Coach and Author will simplify the process, taking you through each stage one step at a time.

If you would like to know more, arrange a phone consultation or email Melissa Marie today.


As a book coach, Melissa Marie does not publish the book for you, so you own all the rights to your words and royalties.

The services Melissa Marie Book Coach offers are:
  • Editing the existing manuscript
  • Finding a publisher and setting up meetings/introductions for the author
  • Helping the author through the publishing process
  • Publicising the book (through social media content and marketing, local and mainstream media outlets)
  • Launch Party.


  1. Don’t care what anybody thinks, just write your book, believe in what you are writing, and explain it in the most intelligent and entertaining way. One of the reasons a lot of people don’t write their book is because they are too worried about what other people are going to say. You can’t worry about what your family, friends, or clients will say. You must focus on how your book is going to help somebody, even if that’s just entertainment, then focus on the good your book will do. Do a good job of standing out and being proud of your book.
  2. Give yourself more time than you think you need for editing, finding a publisher and marketing. Books should go through content edit, copy edit, then proofread - usually editing takes between two months to three months. As for marketing, you need to spend time working on a marketing plan. Create relationships with influencers, study marketing techniques, or employ a marketing expert.
  3. Be the person who already wrote the book. This is about building confidence. When you have published your book, you will feel an increase in self-confidence. You will feel a stronger belief in yourself, your support network will become clearer. Your network will increase, people who are influencers etc. become your colleagues. Start being that person today, before the book is published.
  4. Act and the confidence will build. Don’t focus on the doubts and fears. Focus on the next thing you need to do. Schedule a call with me to talk about your book idea, block time every day to write your book. If you have a book out, every single day, write down a few ideas to promote your book. Then pick one of those ideas and do it. Over time what will happen is your ideas to promote your book become more recognised in your circles and you will be taking action. Over a year that is more than 300 things you have done to promote your book.
  5. Avoid book launch day blues by keeping in mind book launch day is not your final destination in your book journey. Brainstorm five ideas a day and create momentum for your book over time.
  6. Learn amazon. Amazon is a gift as it allows you to publish overseas. Don’t focus only on amazon, go wide, distribute your books as widely as possible. Kobo, audio books etc. understand meta data, your key words, your categories, your pricing, understand your competitors, do your research. Learn social media and how to promote with good content, eye catching and educational as well. Use Facebook ads etc.
  7. Make it a fun thing that you are doing. If you are enjoying the process, and the destination of having your book published, others will be more likely to enjoy it too.

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