I’m a seasoned journalist of over 25 years, writing everything from real estate guides to feature articles in lifestyle magazines. I have a penchant for study, with a couple of degrees under my belt, and probably more to come; and a tendency to apply for reality shows where you get married on national television! I love art, music, literature and all things creative and have discovered I have a unique ability to make events come to life, organizing fashion shows, gala evenings and charity fundraisers in my spare time.

My father taught me to always take the road less travelled, so at the ripe young age of 55, I began Melissa Marie Media and Event Services as I could see the main thing missing in event management was the fun element. There was no ‘fun’ in ‘function’ if you don’t mind the pun!

Melissa Marie Media and Event Services handles all your media and event needs, from writing press releases, website blurbs and blogs, to managing any event from a birthday party or special occasion, to art gallery exhibitions, book launches and corporate functions.
I have a wealth of experience and connections on the Mornington Peninsula and can guarantee that any collaboration will be a wonderfully enriching experience, and I am already so excited to work with you.


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