A step by step guide to writing your book in 6 short weeks

How many years have you been trying to write your novel? How many friends have said to you “Oh my God, your life would make a great book!”? How many pieces of paper or word documents do you have with book ideas on them, never to see the light of day?
If you have ever had the desire to write a book, a feeling that you want your message to be shared with the world, or longed to create something of value, then your book is waiting for you to unveil it.

Did you know that you can write your book in just six weeks?

It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not.
Sign up to “The Six Week Novel” and I guarantee, if you follow the instructions, you WILL write your book in just six short weeks.
With “The Six Week Novel”, you will have access to weekly worksheets with step by step instructions on the next stage of the writing process, tips on creating engaging content, and weekly feedback from professional editors. You will also have a phone conversation with author, book coach and creator of “The Six Week Novel”, Melissa Walsh


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